Top Online Learning Resources That Educators Should Follow On Social Media

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Top Online Learning Resources That Educators Should Follow On Social Media

In 2020, we've got at least one clarity - learning can happen online. Here, we talk about the online presence of brands/people like Mad Over Marketing, Seth Godin, Faye Dsouza, Reese's Bookclub, Nas Daily, Bar & Bench, Maker's Asylum and Roshni Mukherjee who're your sure-shot online resources to learn about advertising, marketing, education, law, news, politics, technology, environment, sustainability, books, cultures, skill development and much more! 

Who: Mad Over Marketing

Bio says: Mad Over Marketing (M.O.M) is a marketing media company, which creates and curates content covering global advertising, latest campaigns and brand-related news

Who are they: MOM is not country/brand-specific. It publishes content covering global advertising, brands, marketing, digital, media and more (read: viral communications memes). Plus, they also discuss with their followers famous/new mascots, characters and celebrities signed up for creative campaigns. 

Punch line: The good, bad and ugly of Advertising! We applaud the best and make fun of the rest.

ScooNews Loves: Their brand puns and Podcasts (both featured on the website https://mad-over-marketing.com/)

Best post: Pretty much everything 

Don’t miss: The MOMmy Awards 

Top 5 accounts followed: AdWeek, Campaign Magazine, Elon Musk, Morning Brew, Creative Review

Follow at: @madovermarketing_mom (IG), @MadOMarketing (Twitter), @madovermarketing (FB)

Who: Seth Godin

Bio says: Author, blogger, a lifetime of projects. This is a retweet of my blog.

ScooNews Loves: His thoughts are always focusing on effective marketing and leadership and teaching people how their ideas can bring upon a positive and impactful change in any sector

Best post: His blogpost on ‘What is viral marketing’

Don’t miss: His Instagram Live sessions discussing everyday topics like education vs learning and the future of leadership, dealing with writer’s block, how freelancers can get better clients, etc. 

Famous quote: In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.

Top accounts followed: Brian Koppelman, altMBA

Follow at: @sethgodin (IG & FB), @ThisIsSethsBlog (Twitter)

Who: Faye Dsouza

Bio says: Journalist. Entrepreneur. Tree Hugger. Equal Rights-Equal Opportunity-Equal pay. 

ScooNews loves: Her honest and straightforward nature. The way she is hell-bent about proving that ‘journalism is not dead’ and one can do true journalism without selling themselves.

Best post: Her discussion on YouTube with Dr. Shahid Jameel, Dr. Rakesh Mishra, Dr. Tanmay Mohapatra regarding the UK’s New COVID Variant reached thousands of views overnight

Don’t miss: Faye Dsouza’s YouTube channel where she talks about the most pressing topics. She also invites (virtually) significant people on her show to speak to them one on one. We loved her conversation with Arvind Subramanian and Shoumitro Chatterjee regarding the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ plan.

Famous quote: There's more respect for people who are brave, who take a stand, than someone sitting in big offices in big organisations

Top 5 accounts followed: The Caravan, Goodera, Things From The Past, Bar & Bench, Rega Jha

Follow at: @fayedsouza (IG & Twitter), @FayeD'Souza (FB & YouTube)

Who: Reese's Bookclub

Bio says: Every month, Reese picks one book she loves with a woman at the centre of the story and shares it with her book club.

Who are they: Hollywood’s darling actress Reese Witherspoon founded this Reading Club in 2017 and has been picking titles for members to enjoy every month since

Punch line: Read with Reese

ScooNews Loves: Their giveaways and routine drives to distribute books among children, foster care centres, hospitals, homeless people, emergency shelters, etc.

Best post: Where Reese herself appears and reviews her favourite picks

Don’t miss: Live sessions with authors whose books get chosen for the month, they talk about their inspiration and give members a scoop of the story inside

Top 5 accounts followed: Literati Kids, Wednesday Books, Avid Reader Press, Fierce Reads, Vintage & Anchor Books

Follow at: @reesesbookclub (IG, FB & Twitter) 

Who: Nas Daily

Bio says: I make videos. Lots of videos.

Who are they: Nuseir Yassin, known as Nas, is an Israeli-Palestinian Harvard graduate who quit his job to travel the world. He began sharing one-minute clips of his travel on social media and subsequently became one of the top vloggers of the decade. He’s quit his cushy New York tech job and now travels the world full-time. 

Punch line: We’re a force for good

ScooNews Loves: His name ‘Nuseir’ means ‘people’ in Arabic and he’s clearly living up to that repute by exploring new cultures and meeting interesting people to educate the world about them in the most interactive and passionate style

Best post: Video on 'My Habits of Success'

Don’t miss: Video on '10 Amazing People from 10 Countries'

Top 5 accounts followed: Rick Wilson, Influencers in the Wild, Parag Khanna, Russell Roberts, Wes Kao

Follow at: @nasdaily (IG, FB & Twitter)

Who: Bar & Bench

Bio says: Nationwide news & analysis on the legal industry, breaking news, live news from Supreme Court, High Courts and important judgments from courts across India

Who are they: Bar & Bench is a media company and an online portal for Indian legal news 

Punch line: BREAKING (of course!)

ScooNews Loves: The Live update of important cases, as well as the judgement passed, are immediately made public because of Bar & Bench

Best post: When they shared Justice Natraj Rangaswamy’s remark in the Karnataka High Court - “Ours is a patriarchal society which does not know how to treat an empowered woman.”

Don’t miss: The witty, snappy comments of advocates regarding the cases you are looking forward to

Top 5 accounts followed: Twitter Gov, Lok Sabha, Pen Pencil, CBSE HQ, Sadhguru

Follow at: @barandbench (IG, FB & Twitter)

Who: Makers Asylum

Bio says: Maker’s Asylum is a community makerspace. We offer shared equipment, education, space, and a great environment to get you making, for work or play!

Who are they:  In 2013, a nascent community of enthusiastic DIY artists came together to create and build because of shared interest. They soon started to volunteer their tools and quickly ran out of space in the back room. They called that room the Asylum.

Punch line: Makers Gonna Make

ScooNews Loves: They grew from one room into multiple chapters across India in seven years, fostering innovation via hands-on learning

Best post(s): When Makers Asylum decided to make Halloween Special M19 Super Hero Face Shield to keep safe from COVID-19

Don’t miss: Videos wherein MA is building something from scratch

Top 5 accounts followed: Open Source Medical Supply, InnoFrugal, Sustainable Development Goals, UnBox Cultural Futures Society, iFixit

Follow at: @makersasylum (IG, FB & Twitter) 

Who: Roshni Mukherjee

Bio says: Founder @ExamFearvideos Free Education platform | Educationist | CoFounder @ Nishulk Foundation| @TEDx speaker @MWCD 100 Women Achievers India @LimcaBookRecords

ScooNews loves: Her perseverance and foresightedness to teach school students on Youtube that began a decade ago. She teaches Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics to classes 9th to 12th. She was recognized as one of the “100 women achievers” by the Ministry of Women and Child Development Government of India.

Favourite hashtag: #SabkoSamajhAayega

Don’t miss: The story of LernoHub on Youtube where Roshni speaks about the inspiration behind creating this free learning online platform for school students. It was her maid’s dilemma, who couldn’t afford after-school tuitions for her children, that encouraged her to take this prosperous step. 

Famous quote: Today, I teach millions of students through my Youtube channel. That’s the power of a good teacher.  

Top 5 accounts followed: TED Talks, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Barack Obama, Mohandas Pai, YouTube India

Follow at: roshni_learnohub (IG), @EducatorRoshni (Twitter), LearnoHub (YouTube)

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