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Improve Vocabulary & Learn over 34 Languages with Language Course – The Vocabulary Trainer

Anushka Yadav
Improve Vocabulary & Learn over 34 Languages with Language Course – The Vocabulary Trainer

Wish to choose the best course and school for language learning? Too tired with the  time-consuming process of comparing unclear offers from agencies and printed school brochures? Or wish to build your vocabulary?

LanguageCourse.NET’s Vocabulary Trainer is the saviour to all these questions!

Available both as a mobile app and on the web, it provides stress - free learning using system based on the latest research for optimum memorization and flashcard dictionary with English translation of 10,000 words.

The Vocabulary Trainer is available on iOS (universal) and Android. Designed for students, teachers, travellers, etc of all age groups, Language course’s Vocabulary Trainer is 100% free and playful, learners can have fun while building and refreshing their vocabulary in over 34 languages with 5 minutes long unit that fits easily into a busy day; along with different learning modes: list of words, quiz, and where one can choose the way one wants to answer the quiz by setting a different response mode with multiple choice answers, multiple choice with pictures, typing in the answer.

It is easy to use as the user can create their own learning plan by setting up the number of courses they want to take per day and week.

Courses can be chosen according to ones language level by choosing beginner (A1 or A2 level), intermediate (B1 or B2 level), or advanced (C1 level), or according to interest (travel, dating, medical vocabulary... ) or needs (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS exams).

Moreover, the app allows to complete a previous unit/tast by switching to the listen-only and sleep-learning mode (with up to 9 hrs of length), ideal for learning while driving or doing housework for instance and sleeping, which is more viable with mobile phones; along with superlearning mode and radio station listening features. Also, any previously started course will be marked with a tick next to it, and any finished course will hold a “finish flag”, helping the user keep a record of finished courses.

The icon is eye-catching as it is full of colors and represents the flag of the language that the user is learning.

The app has a few drawbacks like it does not work with bookmarking and storage services,  neither it allows for collaborations nor it allows sharing on social media. However, the sheer volume and content on 34 languages is sufficient for a user to prefer this for his language learning needs.

The best feature of the Vocabulary Trainer app is that it allows the user to improve continously by giving scores according to the number of words put correctly in the quiz; the user can save their score and check their progress little by little. The app proves to be user friendly and time saving as it allows to take specific courses and create user's own list of words, and the app keeps the words chosen in store to save time.

Moreover, the app keeps repeating the words the user has problems with. When a word is uploaded, the app automatically retrieves audio files with proper pronunciation and corresponding images. The sound quality is high with available background music, facilitating learning in a soothing environment; although soundd\ if not customizable. With big buttons and high color contrast, the app is usable for colorblind users. Most of these features make the app usable for both hearing impaired and blind users.

The app stands distinct as compared to other such apps as the content of courses is much more varied as it offers subjects as business, slang, travel vocabulary, vocabulary for exams like the TOEFL, the TOEIC.

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