Disruption 2017: 50 EdStartups That Will Redefine The Education System!

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Disruption 2017: 50 EdStartups That Will Redefine The Education System!

There aren't as many ranks as there are rankings now; an oft-repeated exercise that often leaves stakeholders bewildered and confused – intentionally or unintentionally, that is! But that is not to say that rankings are an exercise in futility or all rankings are fake or even all are real. The subject matter, all the more, confuses those who carry out rankings or even ones who read them.

That is one reason why rankings that are meant to guide stakeholders often end up misguiding them. Those, you wonder, who shouldn't be at the top are right there and the ones that should rightfully be, are not there at all. Objectivity and honesty goes for a toss. We didn’t want that to happen.This duality of rankings was bothering us at ScooNews for long, until, three months back; we decided to take a different path.

The sole intention of the path taken was to dutifully compile a list of educational startups rather than conveniently ranking them so as to raise awareness among education stakeholders, particularly school heads and management, about these enterprising ventures also called as educational startups (EdStartups). Additonally, to shine the spotlight on how they have been changing or have the potential to change the course of Indian education if the system is willing to incorporate the novel ideas that these startups bring to the table.

This was the genesis of Disruption 2017.

The key parameter which helped us compile this list was the impact a venture is making or is likely to make on the Indian education system. Few other parameters on which the Jury evaluated the EdStartups were fulfillment of a real world need, innovativeness of the idea & the execution, user experience & interface, growth and scalability potential and sustainable business model.

The judges who vetted the entries are the who's who of the education industry – Akhil Shahani, Director, Kaizen Private Equity and MD, The Shahani Group; Meenakshi Uberoi, Education Evangelist and Founding Director, De Pedagogics; Rachel Brujis, Head of Product, Pearson, Asia Pacific; Rishi Kapal, Global Strategist and CEO, EduGild, a Global EdTech Accelerator; Shrutidhar Paliwal, Vice President and Head, Corporate Communications and Media Relations, Aptech Limited; and Shweta Sastri, Executive Director, Canadian International School (Bangalore).

After three months of painstaking research and work, our judges were humble to present this honest reflection of startups that are poised to disrupt the education sector. Below are the 50 EdStartups that have made it!  

50 EdStartups That Will Redefine The Education System (Alphabetical Order) 

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Eduisfun Technologies

LearnOn Technology

NCR Eduservices

Robolab Technologies




Neev Finance

SchoolGuru Eduserve

AlmaMapper Technologies

Impartus Innovations

Math Adventures





Math Buddy

Paratus Knowledge Ventures

Sirena Technologies

Avishkaar Box



People First Leadership Academy

Skidos Labs

Callido Learning

iTeach Fellowship


Phi Education


Clap Global









Walnut Knowledge Solutions

Creya Learning




Wiksate Solutions

Dinasim Learning


Nayi Disha Studios

Report Bee Edusys

Wonderslate Technologies


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Team ScooNews congratulates all the startups who have made it to the list and wishes them a great journey ahead!

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