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6 Must Have Apps for Preschool Educators!

Anushka Yadav
6 Must Have Apps for Preschool Educators!

The youngest of minds are using technology in classroom and at home; it has become a vital part of the learning experience. We bring to you a list of apps you must have if you’re an educator or parent of a preschooler.


AlphaTots Alphabet


A fun preschool application, it combines a quirky visual style with an intuitive gameplay style for the active preschoolers. Basically, it turns learning into fun. AlphaTots exercises patience and sense of humor through symbols, pictures and music that appeal and interest children. The perfect blend of sight and sound helps your preschooler to learn the alphabet as well as retain the information and apply it quickly in day-to-day life.

Timmy’s Kindergarten Adventure

The app combines the best techniques of learning to produce a highly engaging yet rewarding experience starring Timmy, one of the most engaging and entertaining characters. Timmy’s Kindergarten Adventure covers all skills from numbers to words for students of all levels and backgrounds. The preschooler’s journey through the game is summarised and recorded by a sloped learning curve. When we said it’s a rewarding experience, it surely is as it gives coins to the user that can be used in other aspects of the gameplay. Want to introduce a new concept in your class? Timmy’s Kindergarten Adventure is the perfect app for you!

Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day

Molly, Gil, Mr. Grouper and all of their fish-themed friends will be your kid’s friend. The highly interactive and visually attractive game by Nickelodeon will teach preschoolers about the animal kingdom. Your preschooler will learn about the animals they come across everyday; from their sounds to where and how they live. Basically, all the habits and characteristics of 40 different animals are included in Bubble Guppies.

There are four games that function as the connection between teacher and student. But these games can be played without any supervision as well.

Park Math – Duck Duck Moose

Park Math focuses on teaching the basics of counting, sorting, patterning as well as basic addition. Despite the average graphics, the gameplay of the seven included games is more than exciting enough to keep the attention of a child intact. The gameplay and its strength has earned the app several awards such as the Parents’ Choice Silver Award, the iLounge Best Kids’ App of the Year and the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award.

The games are based on the relatively new Common Core Standards meaning that the material is exactly what will be taught to the child in school. Blue Bear, the happy personality of the host, will be of great interest to the preschooler. Having trouble teaching your children the core concepts of number theory? Park Math is the solution!

Bugs and Bubbles

Bugs and Bubble is one of the best values in the field and is known for its imaginative graphics in the field of preschool education. Top quality production values such as original music and voice acting will keep your children glued to the seat. The 17 interesting games teach varied topics such as counting, colours, patterns in numbers and in shapes, sorting and tracking. The best part of the game? The built in learning curve that adjusts automatically according to the student performance.

Little Writer – The Tracing App for Kids

The Little Writer app requires stylus functionality; it gives children an interactive method to learn how to write both uppercase and lowercase letters. The app monitors the child’s ability to trace lettering in a detailed way; it improves the proficiency of a student’s writing to a high level smoothly.

Since the game is customizable, teachers and parents too have a role to play. They can turn on or off different features as per the child’s needs or the day’s lesson. By the end of the game, children will be able to write three and four letter words on their own.

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