About Us

EduPulse Media Pvt Ltd was founded by Ravi Santlani and Bahul Chandra in 2016. Our CEO, Ravi is an experienced sales and corporate strategy professional with experiences spanning across the globe.

While working on ScooTalks (a communication platform for schools and teachers to communicate with parents and students), Ravi realized the need for a dedicated publication catering to the informational and knowledge requirements of the school ecosystem. The result was ScooNews. EduPulse Media focuses on providing educators, and school leaders with important news, articles, and information through ScooNews in the print and online world. 

About ScooNews:

ScooNews is India's largest media platform for the education sector featuring print, online, online TV and events with a monthly reach of a staggering 0.5 million educators and school leaders.

ScooNews was created to make the education sector stake-holders better aware of changes in the sector. We help educators stay on top of the game with quality perspectives, content & best practices from across the globe.

ScooNews - a monthly magazine catering to the news and information needs of the schooling ecosystem has a print run of 70,000 copies with a focused readership of 3,50,000.